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    Ok, I have commited to reusing the speakers in my current mains to build new ones. I am not getting along with the BP design of the speakers any longer. I am borrowing the style from B&W CT700 Series. Here is my initial drawing of the boxes to be made. Anyone see anything in the layout that might cause me trouble? All the internal volumes will remin within 3 cu inches of the originals. I am using the powered sub, both radiators, both mids and one of the two tweets. I was going to reuse the crossover and I confirmed with Deftech that the removal of one speaker would not put extra stress on the rest. They state that the it will increase the ohms by a little. I have plenty of power to spare.

    The next question would be would I gain anything from using the extra tweeter that I have laying around.

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    Re: Def Tech Drama

    Too many variables to say whether this would work well, and the risk is entirely on you if it doesn't. The whole idea seems half-baked to me, to be quite honest. There are people who make a career of loudspeaker design, and they draw a salary for a reason.

    I recommend just selling the Def Techs on Audiogon if you don't like them anymore and spend your money building a proven design or buying something different (or downsize to the newer 'StudioMonitors' with a separate subwoofer if you like the sound but not the slim tower look).
    Best Regards,

    Rory Buszka

    Taterworks Audio

    "The work of the individual still remains the spark which moves mankind ahead, even more than teamwork." - Igor I. Sikorsky

    If it works, but you don't know why it works, then you haven't done any engineering.


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      Re: Def Tech Drama

      It has very little to do with the looks, My full trouble is the rear reflection. I have a dedicated theater room that I have been sound treating and to get the decay down I had to treat most of the front wall. However this is hurting my subs. I am looking to create a direct fire speaker that carries the same sound characteristics as the remainder of my set up. (4x deftech studio 350) mythos solo xl (for center - 3 seperate amp channels) As far as the subs I have 3 custom 13" from eD. I plan to rebuild the front stage of the theater to enclose the front speakrs and two of the subs.

      As far as selling the speakers and buying something to match (sound wise) My only options for direct fire full range would be the STS. Those are out of the price range. The final option is removing the rear speakers from the deftechs (speakers have seperate compartments).