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Measurement tip for dipoles.

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  • Measurement tip for dipoles.

    Before I start, this probably is only possible to implement for those using a computer or a dsp as their crossover. I've found that if you attach a very long tube to microphone (such as the dayton ecm that I'm using) and place the end of the tube slightly inside the point where the line ends, many peaks not visible without the tube appear. Basically your giving the mic a very cardoid response. When I first tried this I thought it was just the sound inside tube reflecting many times till it reached the mic. Just for the heck of it I notched all of the sharp peaks (there were a lot of them) using a vst based equalizer on my pc. Played some music and the the whole response sounded much more flat without the ringing that was there before. To better confirm the peaks really existed, I ran a log sweep with arta and heard the same thing as with the music, a much flatter(or smoother, or whatever you want to call it...) response with the notch filters in place. The measurement without the tube and notches from farther back yielded a similar response as the notched measurement under the same conditions. It would be nice if someone could try and report back on this to make sure this really is the case .