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  • Calling Taterworks

    Sorry to go about this on the main board, but your account is not accepting PM's. Email me directly if you're still interested in that CNC project.

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    Re: Calling Taterworks

    It's about time! Are you rested from your vacation yet?

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      Re: Calling Taterworks

      Hi, Timk - I will PM you. You might not be listed in the forum software as a 'contact' of mine (my options are set to only allow 'contacts' and administrators to PM me), but I should be able to send a PM to you. I'm still fine-tuning my settings to make them spammer-proof. So far so good, but it looks like I've been keeping out some useful info as well.

      Edit: PM sent. Let me know if you don't receive it.
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      Best Regards,

      Rory Buszka

      Taterworks Audio

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