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Proven designs using HiVi RT2ii?

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  • Proven designs using HiVi RT2ii?

    I purchased a couple of the HiVi RT2ii tweeters back when they were on clearance, but haven't settled on a project for them yet. Does anyone know of a proven design for a 2-way monitor that uses these? I remember seeing a ridiculously expensive speaker that paired these tweeters with the HiVi F6, but I'm not having much luck finding project threads. Did Swans used to manufacture a monitor that used this tweeter or the other versions of the RT2? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
    Eric L.

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    Re: Proven designs using HiVi RT2ii?

    I'll need to do some cabinet tweaking but so far this sounds pretty promising. The nice part is driver cost ends up being about $85.00 if you snagged the HiVi when they were $35.00 each.

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      Re: Proven designs using HiVi RT2ii?

      Check out Mike Z's comments on Jay's Breakfast Stouts: