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Possible project with 1960s RCA 12s

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  • Possible project with 1960s RCA 12s

    Hi guys. Anyone have experience with these 12" drivers from 1960s RCA Victor console stereos? I recently purchased the console for $25, but it needs work, so I was thinking about using these drivers in a separate project. They have a surprising amount of bass response considering they have almost no excusion capabilities and were mounted in what was essentially an open-back cabinet. I'm not sure what the specs are, and I don't own a driver tester yet. Thanks for any info.
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    Eric L.

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    Re: Possible project with 1960s RCA 12s

    Do you live near anyone with a woofer tester? Without the T/S parameters, can't really tell you anything solid. Maybe one of the DIY shows coming up is in your neck of the woods.
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      Re: Possible project with 1960s RCA 12s

      Google "LIMP JIG" - you can make one pretty cheap and get ZMA and T/S params using LIMP.
      Some guys (Lynn Olsen, IIRC) say that the old Alnico speakers sound the best.

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        Re: Possible project with 1960s RCA 12s

        Zenith put some good speakers into some of their consoles in the 60's, and so did Magnavox. A lot of both were old toobey amps so the speakers had to be efficient. RCA made some really good stuff in the 60's too, then they started downhill. The "classic" Wharfdale's were Alnico's.