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Iron Driver Overall Best Sounding Speaker: Design Details

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  • jclin4
    Re: Iron Driver Overall Best Sounding Speaker: Design Details

    XO network of 5 components? Very impressive!

    Looks like you nailed it in terms of where the tweeter needed to be crossed. Congrats and accolades well-deserved!

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  • Iron Driver Overall Best Sounding Speaker: Design Details

    Matt and I (monoiz15) were pleased to have been voted as the overall best sounding at the Iron Driver event.

    Here are the design details. If there are any technical questions, I'd happily answer. If there are any construction or sound quality questions, hopefully Matt or others from the day can tell you their thoughts.

    It's an MTM design using the iron driver (Peerless 830656) and the Vifa XT25BG60-04 (found here: )

    Here is the model.

    Here is my final measured response.

    Here is the cross over.

    Here is the BOM

    Here is a link to the detailed measurements by R-Carpenter:

    I'll ping Matt to step in here and post box and port dimensions as I forget. He handled more of that. According to him the bass is "In my bedroom the bass is huge and I actually don't think a sub would really help at all other than extending the bass a tad lower at the expense of trying to integrate it properly. Simply not worth it to be honest". Sound good to me ;)

    The design philosophy was to extract as much as we could out of the iron driver whilst not going 3-way and spend the extra money on a good tweeter. MTM it was. A quality tweeter from PE made xo design a snap. These drivers are so well behaved it made life very easy.

    Thanks for looking.
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