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Behringer Xenyx 302USB?

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  • Behringer Xenyx 302USB?

    This appears to be a good choice for a minimal cost setup supplying the mic preamp, phantom power and external sound card for $50. Unfortunately, there is no specification or manual that I can find. The Behringer marketing blurb states there is phantom power, phantom power is printed under the mic socket but a poster to the PE reviews states there is no phantom power and it is not in the PE blurb. Does anyone here know one way or the other? Also, when acting as a sound card is it full duplex?

    Assuming this bit of hardware is not suitable for a minimal cost setup does anyone have other suggestions?

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    Re: Behringer Xenyx 302USB?

    The Behringer product description page for the 302USB says:
    "State-of-the-art, phantom powered XENYX Mic Preamp comparable to stand-alone boutique preamps"

    The photos at PE show the text "Phantom Powered" just below the mic connector. See the PE product page here:

    In a video posted at YouTube Timothy Hobbs performs a great teardown of the 302USB mixer where he measures 48 VDC phantom power at the mic connector. Here is a link to that teardown video:

    While there is always some chance that Behringer produced a variation of the 302USB without phantom power, all indications are that the 302USB's mic preamp does provide (48V) Phantom Power. This unit seems to be an excellent minimal-cost audio interface for basic audio measurement and recording applications.

    John L. Murphy
    Physicist/Audio Engineer
    True Audio


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      Re: Behringer Xenyx 302USB?

      Thanks for that John. I had not realized that people posted videos on youtube about their latest hardware purchases and I soon found one showing an electret mic plugged into the 302USB mixer. However, seeing the Tascam on your web page for $79 has dampened my enthusiasm somewhat for the $50 Behringer. How can US companies offer 60% off a popular product? Perhaps a mkIII is due out? Here in Europe we would be hard pressed to get 10% off it.