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Arpeggios (8948a/9950) TM to MTM?

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  • Arpeggios (8948a/9950) TM to MTM?

    I'd love to make the Arpeggios into MTMs. I've read in the past that a good starting point is halving the values for the TM and going from there. Any suggestions?Arpgeggios_Project.pdf

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    Re: Arpeggios (8948a/9950) TM to MTM?

    Well then you have different Baffle diffraction on all the drivers, different box alignments, different l-pad on the tweeter and different woofer impedances, sooooo - you'd just have to redo the whole crossover.

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      Re: Arpeggios (8948a/9950) TM to MTM?

      I would agree in general that you would probably need to redo the entire crossover. In theory, you could half the inductor values, double the capacitor values in the low pass circuit to the woofers - and reduce the padding resistor in the tweeter network as a starting point. Further adjustments would probably be needed, though as the off-axis behavior will be different for an MTM and that will change the overall tonal balance in-room.
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