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ATI Wonder HD 750 USB TV Tuner

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  • ATI Wonder HD 750 USB TV Tuner

    I just got this. Last time I tried OTA HDTV there were a couple channels that came in ok and a few blurry ones.

    Now, there are more than I can count that all come in crystal clear even with the tiny little crappy looking antena that came with it.



    More details: I don't have a CD/DVD drive installed on my PC at the moment so I used the downloaded drivers and "Windows Media Center" which comes with Windows 7. I have the 64 bit version of Windows 7.

    Frankly, I'm stunned at how many channels come in so clearly. Cable TV wasn't even this good when I threw away my TV years ago.
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    Re: ATI Wonder HD 750 USB TV Tuner

    I got one of those last month--$35 @ Microcenter after rebate. My wife needed to transfer VHS tapes for a web project and they work great. The HDTV is impressive, except if you are in Oakland, MD, where there is just one local DTV station :(. According to TVfool I could pick up a few more stations if I had a high gain antenna on a 500ft mast :rolleyes:.

    But yeah, in metro areas free digital TV is very good quality. That's all we use in the DC area. I've got two upper VHF and two large UHF antennas in the attic. Netflix/Hulu fills in for what's not available for free.
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