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  • Minimizing crossover footprint

    I'm planning on building a pair of LouC's Piccolata's in the near future and have a crossover question. I was browsing tons of sites recently trying to decide on which project to build and somewhere I saw a crossover layout posted that had several of the crossover components inside of the inductor to minimize the overall footprint of the board. I've spent a couple of days trying to find that thread but have been unsuccessful. Does anyone recall seeing this or have any input on mounting components like this? From what I recall, the general concensus what that it shouldn't have an impact on the crossover's performance.

    I haven't built any speakers in a while. I did a pair of Adire's 281's and their 15" tempest sub many years back (both are still sounding great) but I didn't build those crossovers - they came with the kit. I expect the crossover part of my upcoming build to be the biggest challenge. Thanks in advance for the feedback!



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    Re: Minimizing crossover footprint

    Check out WWWJD's builds for some pretty nice compact crossovers (standing the resistors vertically helps reduce the board size a lot):!!

    You can also make the crossover board 'double-sided' by mounting components on both sides of the board. I did this with some Statement Monitors to reduce the number of crossover boards (and therefore the number of interconnections), and it reduced the size so I could fit it through the woofer opening. Not pretty, but effective:
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      Re: Minimizing crossover footprint

      Wolf usually has very compact crossover layouts as well. Check out his Trichotomity for example.


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        Re: Minimizing crossover footprint

        Excellent! Thanks for the help guys!


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          Re: Minimizing crossover footprint

          Another helpful write-up that I found to be informative is Curt's:

          It can help you get from the schematic/diagram to a working end result. I had similar deciphering-the-schematic issues. I couldn't read the schematic at all...might as well have been hieroglyphics. I used to lay out the pieces to look like the physical diagram, with the cap horizontal, then the coil vertical, etc. like a ladder, soldering where the leads intersected. They were huge, but worked. I learned, with the help of forum members and Curt's article, how to conserve space and tie/solder all the negative points (nodes) to one spot. Good luck and if you need any more help, don't hesitate to ask.

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            Re: Minimizing crossover footprint

            Thanks John!


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              Re: Minimizing crossover footprint

              You can stack caps on coils, stand parts upright, lots' of clever ways to do things. (Though Wolf has turned it into an art form!) Easiest is to just split the woofer & tweeter circuits into separate boards. Makes it easy to get through small driver holes. I believe I did that on the Piccolatas.
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                Re: Minimizing crossover footprint

                Good advice. I'm waiting on the drivers as a Christmas present - I slipped the hint to my wife and kids. Until then, I'm prepping. Cut the flats out yesterday. I will likely go ahead and order all other components from PE so I can get the crossovers ready. I'm looking forward to hearing your design Lou!


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                  Re: Minimizing crossover footprint

                  Originally posted by LouC View Post
                  (Though Wolf has turned it into an art form!)
                  Yeah- I like the challenge- thanks, Lou! (I can't wait til everyone sees the xover for the Demeanor I'm slowly assembling....)

                  FWIW- here's something that also may help the new guy:

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                    Re: Minimizing crossover footprint

                    Thanks Wolf! With that and the nodal analysis link from John, I've got a much better idea of how to build my xovers.