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Textured Paint Technique (sample pics attached)

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  • Textured Paint Technique (sample pics attached)

    I tried two techniques for doing the textures for the Cornscala's. I knew that the textured area would be problematic for cleaning, and I wanted to try and solve that. I also was looking at what the difference would be like between using a truck bed liner versus a pebble spray. And last I had to make sure the various layers of products would all be compatible, especially as the assembly would be complete and irreversible before the final laquer process.

    This picture shows the sample piece, with the pebble spray texture on the left, and the truck bed liner on the right.

    Click image for larger version

Name:	texture_samplefront.jpg
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    This sample sat in the corner of the shop while I finished spraying the Cornscala's, so it was covered in dust and grime. I wiped it down with a regular paper towel and Endust. It came away completely clean with very minimal fuzzing from the towel. The products and order of application is below:

    1) Rustoleum Protective Enamel in flat black, applied with a from brush. One coat.
    2) The left side was then sprayed with two coats of Rustoleum Multi-Color Texture in aged iron. The right side was sprayed with two coats of Rustoleum Truck Bed Coating
    3) The final steps were the same for both sides as well as the choice I made for the speakers. Two coats of Rustoleum UltraCover 2X in flat black.
    4) The last part used two products from Chemcraft's Pre-Catalyzed lacquer line and was applied with a HVLP gun. First was two coats of the Variseal sealer. That was followed by two coats of the Varicure.

    Click image for larger version

Name:	texture_fronthorns.jpg
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ID:	1183117Click image for larger version

Name:	texture_sampleangle.jpg
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    I chose to use the textured paint for the speakers. A couple of things to think about. Doing it again I would go to 3 coats and maybe 4 of the Multi-Color Texture. The whole idea is to get a uniformity of texture and color so it has a nice finished look and feel. You get a much nicer even look by doing multiple light coats of the texture. The Varicure is tough as heck, and will stand up to a lot of household cleaners even though it is a laquer. I don't know that I would go wiping it off every day, but for normal cleaning I would think it should last for a very, very long time.

    The truck bed liner is a good option, but it is hard to notice the texture without angled light. It ends up just looking like flat black paint from a distance. I tend to want a more grainy surface and now that I am comfortable with being able to clean it this is a good choice for me.