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1 1/8" Industrial Particleboard for front baffles. Any Experience?

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    Re: 1 1/8" Industrial Particleboard for front baffles. Any Experience?

    Originally posted by dstmbgh View Post
    My local Menards has some 1 1/8" thick particleboard shelving, termed "industrial," that I'm considering using for the front baffles for a two-way with recessed drivers and 5/8" roundovers (fyi, the rest of the 0.5 cu ft enclosure is 3/4" mdf). The surface is very smooth and the material seems much denser with finer "particles" than I usually associate with particleboard. The close-up of this picture is NOT representative of the item in the store:

    It looks like it would produce good clean edges with cutting and routing, as the edge corners of the shelving boards are quite sharp. Its size, as shelving material, makes it very manageable to work with, and the price is right.

    Does anyone have experience with this product with which they can either encourage or discourage me to proceed?

    Pondering particleboard in Indianapolis,
    Thick front baffles are good as far as strength and resonances are concerned, but a thick baffle really needs to be relieved, beveled, routed out a whole bunch internally otherwise it will congest and I mean really congest the sound.
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