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Biggest sale regrets

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    Re: Biggest sale regrets

    I bought a Fisher tube receiver at a garage sale for $3 in '87. It needed the pots cleaned and a good going-over, but it worked very well. At the time I had no idea what I had. I gave it to a neighbor because it was just sitting on shelf taking up space. What really gets me is that I'm actually a pack-rat and don't like getting rid of anything.
    And then there were the woofers out of my JBL L40's. The surrounds rotted and I didn't realize how simple it is to have them re-foamed. Both woofers went in the garbage can. That was probably 2001 or 2002. :(
    I ended up buying the proper woofers for them off eBay for somewhere around $125 or $150. Lesson learned...
    "We're speaker geeks, not speaker nerds. Nerds make money!" Marty H
    Bismarck, North Dakota
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