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  • metal speaker cab.

    Hello all! this is my first post here! I'm also new to the speaker building scene, and have a question. I'm considering making metal (steel) cabinets for my speaker project, and was wondering if this would be a viable material for the job. i have no concerns over weight, and i have a full machine shop, so construction isn't a problem either. the reason why I'm considering metal is, well, i really enjoy working with it, i like welding, grinding, and shaping. i have worked a lot with wood as well, but don't really enjoy working with it all that much, hence considering making the cabs out of metal. any thoughts or opinions welcome! thank you!

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    Re: metal speaker cab.

    Could be interesting, but a problem you will run into is that the metal walls, if they are steel, will effect the driver magnets and crossover components. Aluminum is actually a better choice, in that it is relatively non-magnetic (non-ferrous), although it will still effect your crossover inductors. You'd probably want like 3" long standoffs for your crossover. Otherwise, this could be great. You'd still want to install some internal bracing even with stiff metal walls, and line with acoustic foam, etc.

    Magico makes speakers with aluminum enclosures, as well as some other companies. I encourage you to look at some proven designs to start off though.

    If you do make an awesome metal speaker cabinet, I suggest a removeable front baffle- this would allow you to re-use the cabinet later, if you wanted to. Oh yeah, and you'd have to pay a little bit more attention to electrical insulation / isolation with a conductive cabinet.
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