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Collapsible test box for 8" woofer

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  • Collapsible test box for 8" woofer

    So I needed a ~2cF test box for an 8" woofer. I designed a vented test box that has 3 features:
    1. The volume is adjustable
    2. The front woofer and rear vent elevations are adjustable
    3. The whole box can be collapsed and stored flat when done testing!

    Have a look at this 5-page PDF binder for the details. (The left side panel is removed to show the interior.)

    I bought a 50" Emerson C50 edge clamp guide in order to make the larger cross-cuts from the full MDF sheet. It was incredibly accurate.

    The tongue-and-groove method is quick and easy to do on a table saw. It allows the box to be dry-fit together accurately. I plan to perform before/after SPL-Z tests with and without blue masking tape run around all the outer seams for better sealing.

    Extra front-to-back slots allow positioning the third "end" panel at different elevations to change the interior volume.

    Since the end and 3rd panels all have plain-cut front and back edges, the front and back panels can be slid up or down to see how woofer and vent elevations change the SPL response. (ala Paul K's MLTL work)

    I can also cut new front or back panels for different woofer and vent combinations. (However it is trickier to control fit accuracy the second time around.)

    When finished I can disassemble and store everything flat!

    Click image for larger version

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    Philip Bamberg