I brought this project to InDIYana 2013, but never put any info out there about it. A thread a few days ago asking for a small sub prompted me to get myself in gear and post the plans.

I designed the sub around this amp, although obviously any sub plate amp will work (depending on how creative you want to get mounting it to the somewhat small enclosure). Is this amp truly 68 Watts? Probably not, however it has the neat bonus of allowing you to add bookshelf speakers to create a 2.1 setup.

The only other things you need to do this project are:

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The approximate volume of the enclosure is around 7 Liters, and it should reach an F3 of 35 Hz. I don't have an exact number for the max SPL, but in theory it should be able to get to 98 dB before the amp runs out of steam. The port diameter may be the weakest link here, and would probably chuff pretty bad if pushed any harder. That driver, it just goes and goes; this is the kind of thing it was meant to do.