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Newest Build, Build a Better Beatbox.

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  • Newest Build, Build a Better Beatbox.

    Hello All, New to the forum,

    This is my first build other than the overnight sensations. I just recently got into speaker building after working with Large PA Systems for the last 5 years.
    So this can be a fun learning experience for me. Especially with my beginner woodworking skills.

    My goal is to make a boombox similar to that of the BeatBox from Beats by Dr. Dre

    The reason being I kinda giggle when I see this brand, so it would be fun for me to be able to build something similar that would cost less then $350 but Sound way better.

    Sound Quality is my main Concern, The second being ease of build, third being the cost.

    I plan on using the same style trapezoidal style box. And was thinking two 5 or 6 inch woofers with 2 tweeters, I'd like to get a pretty good response down to 70-60hz.

    A nice simple design is key here.
    My wish list for goodies is:

    -2 Blue LED's to turn on when unit is powered in. (one front, one rear)
    -One Big Black Chrome Volume knob (Center Front.
    -One Power Switch on Back
    -3.5MM Panel Mount
    - And hopefully a pre built crossover for ease.

    I have some sketches of the box, but I still need some help choosing components, and working out the math and volume of box needed.

    I'm sure I'm gonna be updating this thread with lots of questions, so If you don't mind helping out a new guy a few mins a day please subscribe to this to help me out.

    Any help is appreciated! :D

    So here is a sketchup of the enclosure I'm in the process of building, The holes are just place holders, I would prefer not to cut until the driver are in my hands,

    I'm thinking about purchasing two x nd140's along with two x nd28f's
    Would this pair give a decent full range sound without a subwoofer? Also would picking up a 2x 50w amp be enough or should I step up to a 2x100w amp?

    The internal volume of the box is 0.286 cubic feet (8.112 Liters). Should this be ok for these drivers? Would this Box need to be ported?

    I know its a lot of questions, Put any help is greatly appreciated.

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    Re: Newest Build, Build a Better Beatbox.


    I personally like to keep things simple. I currently am building a sprite so I have something to take camping or other outings. I would suggest the same so as to keep things simple for you.

    Paul Carmody is the same guy who designed your overnight sensations so I would imagine that the sprite will be a great sounding little boombox.

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