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Disassemble and Mounting Dayton DTA-100 in Enclosure.

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    Re: Disassemble and Mounting Dayton DTA-100 in Enclosure.

    Originally posted by Whitneyville1 View Post
    When I was in High School, I lusted for the EICO 35 WPC stereo AMP kit from Bernstein-Appelby's or the Allied-Impex Kit from Allied Electronics, but the money I made went to paying my parents rent and to saving for school. It was MY money, but until I was 21, I was told how I could and could not spend it. I went to Viet Nam under those LAWS. 21 was the age of majority in 46 States until I turned 21. My Dad had to sign the papers for the first new car I bought (I paid in folding green hundred dollar bills for) because I wouldn't be 21 from September until December, so I couldn't enter into a legal contract. A year and a half later, I gave them that car, and five more, including a Fleetwood 85 sedan.

    Hahahah what?