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    The Band Up on Cripple Creek, from 'The Band':

    UP ON CRIPPLE CREEKThe BandThe Band (1970)When I get off of this mountain, you know where I want to go?Straight down the Mississippi river, to the Gulf of Me...

    Sam Brown, Box from 'Box':
    Sam Brown (Musical Artist), Music (TV Genre), With A Little Love (Musical Composition)

    Great bass and drum sounds on these tracks, well recorded, and hard to reproduce well. Box has a combination of bass drum and bass which will really test your woofer's Xmax. Plus it's a great song anyway from a much under-rated singer/songwriter.



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      Another Day of Sun from the La La Land (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack).

      Pretty incredible dynamics, I think Emma Stone's soft vocals are actually a plus here.

      FWIW, this track is the exact opposite of girl+guitar type stuff.


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        Two male vocal songs that I like:

        Johnny Cash - Hurt

        Disturbed - Sound of Silence Cover.


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          I had a disc I'd use whenever auditioning anything. Not entirely sure of the reasons for each track now as it must be circa 25 yrs old but after being away from my audio for a while I'll be revisiting it soon.

          Blue Aeroplanes - My Hurricane
          Manic Street Preachers - Australia
          Texas - Tired of Being Alone
          Robert Cray - That's What I'll do
          Hawkwind - World of Tiers
          Crash Test Dummies - How Does A Duck Know?
          Alanis Morissette - Right Through You
          Joe Satriani - Summer Song
          Jan Akkerman - Pietons
          Living Colour - Love Rears it's Ugly Head
          Pink Floyd - Money
          Joan Armatrading - Me Myself I
          Bread - Guitar Man
          Red Hot Chilli Peppers - Under The Bridge
          REM - Drive
          Jamiroquai - Cosmic Girl
          Dire Straits - Southbound Again
          Tracey Chapman - Material World


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            Milky Chance: Stolen Dance

            Very interesting phase effects in this one.

            Your results may vary.


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              Just to add: a German friend of mine gave me a link with very High audio resolution files, useful for serious 2CH/MultiCH testing:


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                James Blake - Limit To Your Love



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                  Originally posted by Swerve City View Post
                  James Blake - Limit To Your Love

                  Didn't expect that!
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                    Originally posted by Swerve City View Post
                    James Blake - Limit To Your Love

                    That is a unique awesome track...this will be added to my collection of test music that helicopter like bass line was unique.


                    • Sugarland just dropped a new album 'BIGGER'

                      Seems like a decent effort in both production and recording quality..

                      I'm partial to track 6 'Lean it on back'


                      • Sarah McLachlan- Ice
                        Susannah McCorkle- I Don't Want To Set The World On Fire (cover of The Ink Spots' song, which some may know from Fallout)
                        Roadrunner United - Roads
                        Seether- Needles (the snare in the intro especially)
                        Primus- The Antipop (Les' normal bass genius)
                        Fleetwood Mac- The Chain
                        The Bravery- Unconditional
                        Bellarive- Lazarus (I especially love this song when the chorus ends, the singer has no backing for a couple seconds, and really shows his voice off)
                        Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers - Learning To Fly
                        Victor Wooten- The Lesson
                        311- Love Song
                        Pentatonix ft Dolly Parton- Jolene
                        The Doors- Riders On The Storm
                        Superbus- Radio Song
                        Regina Spektor- While My Guitar Gently Weeps (Kubo and the Two Strings OST)
                        Weezer- Say It Ain't So
                        Bela Fleck and the Flecktones- The Sinister Minister
                        Thrice- Black Honey
                        Helmet- Unsung
                        The Who- Love Reign O'er Me
                        Luciano Pavarotti- Nessun Dorma

                        These are just some of the ones I use. I like all kinds of stuff.
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                        • I'd be willing to wager not many of you are familiar with this guy. Deadmau5 is a producer and performer of live electronic music. Not a DJ. Doesnt play other peoples songs. Doesnt play recorded songs. Recreates them live. Anyway, a .wav or .flac version of this track always gives me a good idea of how a speaker came out. Lots of hi end and midrange.... and that 4 to the floor kick will eventually chime in and let you know what your woofers are made of. Deadmau5 - The Velt oh... yeah... he performs in a giant cartoon like mouse head helmet his fans make him. until he gets hot.
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                          • Dire straights the entire brothers in arms cd. Michael Jackson thriller album.robert plant shaken and stirred cd. Emerson lake and Palmer song "from the beginning" Edgar winter group song Frankenstein . Absolutely everything that Dr. Dre has produced or recorded. And of course pink Floyd's dark side of the moon. All those tracks and albums will put your system to the test for sure. Oh yeah and the overture of ???1812??? With the cannon blasts.. real joy to listen to on a good system.


                            • Oh and David bowtie station to station cd. Especially the track station to station and the track .. stay


                              • I've always used Catalunya because it has a bit of everything. Whatever you use, it should be a track you're very familiar with.