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Audio Meet: November 9th. Decatur, AL.

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  • Audio Meet: November 9th. Decatur, AL.

    I know this is late notice but I honestly forgot to post here.

    First off, let me state this is more of a car audio meet than a home audio meet. That said, we are NOT the typical car audio crowd with bass heavy systems. The goal is sound quality and sonic bliss in a car (said tongue in cheek of course). However, a lot of us guys are also home audio fans. I will likely have my Kef R500's on display for reference listening if the weather permits. If you're a fan of audio, have no plans next weekend and want to hang out with fellow hobbyists then get your **** to my place and let's make a day of it!

    Here's a copy paste of all the info you'd need.


    The time for yet another Alabama car audio meet is upon us. Come one, come all to beautiful Decatur, AL and spend your day with a group of fellow audio enthusiasts. This event isn't just for the car audio fanatic, but for anyone who appreciates the goal of achieving a fun stereo system; home audio folks included.

    This time a member here has set up a GTG site to register and find further information. You can view that here:

    Once you register to the site you can add yourself as an attendee (or make your own events as a host). This allows everyone to keep track of who's going to make it and also remove yourself from the list should you need to back out.

    It's redundant, but I'm also going to keep the information here just in case the site goes down or someone needs to access from the forum.

    Also, to those of you coming in Friday night (Nov 8th), there's some info below about a Pre-GTG tag-up that night.

    GTG Info:

    My House (Contact me for address)
    Decatur, AL 35603

    Nov 09, 2013 9:00 AM - 9:00 PM

    Hotel Info:

    Anything near Beltline Rd SW in Decatur will be close to the event location.
    Click here for search results.


    There are places nearby within a few miles' drive to grab lunch or dinner. If enough folks want to order pizzas we can do that... just bring a few bucks with you to toss in.

    Items you might want to bring:
    • Pop up tent for shade
    • Lawnchair
    • Any gear you would like to bring to either sell, test, demo, or whatever… do it. Amps, drivers, gear you want to test, etc, etc.
    • Bring your laptops with your RTA setup stuff. This is a great time to get hands on with some measurement gear and learn a thing or two about using it to help you tune your system.
    • Bring your camera and take pictures so we can share the fun!
    • Whatever else you can think of that might be needed.


    If you think you might come, or if you know you will come, go ahead and register to the site and put yourself down as an attendee. You can easily remove yourself from the list at any time in the future should you need to. Also, feel free to add your name to this list if you'd like.


    You can contact me for more information (hotel recommendations, specific location as we draw near, etc) via e-mail at:
    [email protected]

    Door Prizes!
    In addition to the above, I have reached out to a few companies looking to see if they would be willing to donate product for our GTG to giveaway. If you or anyone you know may be interested in donating some swag or product please let me know.

    Event Sponsors:

    Thanks to these companies for helping us out!

    GTG Attendees (Nov 9):
    1. Erin (bikinpunk)
    2. Kelly (bigbubba)
    3. Paul (PaulD)
    4. Grayson (strakele)
    5. Chris (hillbillySQ)
    6. Al (AL9000 )
    7. Ricky (sq civic)
    8. Tim - I always forget your s/n
    9. Caleb Hill (screenname?)
    10. Ally (millerlyte)
    11. Jason (afghan vet)
    12. Kyle (spyders03)
    13. Kevin (Kevin K)
    14. Eric (EeeDeeEye)
    15. John (PionkeJ)
    16. Kirk (AcuraTLSQ)
    17. Steve (audioxinc)
    18. Chris (iScream)
    19. Tim (Tsmith)
    20. Bill & Lori (screenname?)
    21. Blake (ScionBoxRox)
    22. Stuart (Fricasseekid)

    Pre-GTG Information:
    A few folks have expressed interest in meeting up the night before the GTG to do some pre-meet demos and maybe grab some supper. There are a few places that should be easy to meet up at but we can nail down where as we get closer. If you'd like to meet up on Friday night, add your name to the list below and we can work out the details of where and when as we get closer to the date.

    Friday night, November 8th.
    Time TBD


    Pre-GTG Attendees:
    1. Erin (bikinpunk)
    2. Chris (HillbillySQ)

    I look forward to seeing everyone and having a blast!

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    Re: Audio Meet: November 9th. Decatur, AL.

    If you plan to attend shoot me a message or email at hardisj at gmail dot com.

    Hopefully some
    Of you home audio guys will come hang out and see that not all car audio guys are bad. ;

    - Erin


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      Re: Audio Meet: November 9th. Decatur, AL.

      So, here's a list of the event sponsors and the items they're donating. Some of these I have already received and the others should arrive next week. There are still a few I'm waiting feedback from so the list may grow.


      Acoustic Elegance Speakers:

      Parts Express:

      JL Audio:
      • 12 T-Shirts ranging in size from Large to XXL

      • Percent off coupons for use on their site

      Pioneer Electronics:

      All in all, the grand total is pushing the $1500 mark as it is and may creep up a bit higher as the date draws near. :D

      It looks like we might have enough for everyone to walk away with something cool.

      Since I'm not needing to pay to rent a spot there's no overhead so that means no raffle style format. Basically, show up, hang out, put your name in a bucket and we will draw them around 3 or 4pm. If you win, congrats!

      All I do ask is if you take advantage of the grub, just toss in a few bucks to help offset that cost in to the tip jar I'll have sitting out. My wife lets me keep having these because everyone has been really cool about that so let's keep it going so I can have more.

      - - - Updated - - -

      here's some photos of SOME the door prizes, mostly listed above. I know people like photos. ;)


      - - - Updated - - -

      JL Audio:


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        Re: Audio Meet: November 9th. Decatur, AL.

        some more...

        Acoustic Elegance:

        Special note for whoever is lucky enough to win this: This is a "special edition" beta SBP-15, one of a kind version... you may very well have the only one like this.

        And a set of Airborne fullrangers that I have sitting on the shelf:


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          Re: Audio Meet: November 9th. Decatur, AL.

          I know that no one here came out, but I thought I'd post up some info from the meet just in case someone comes across this in the future and maybe gets encouraged to come to my next one. ;)

          First off, some photooooooooooooos!!!!!!!

          Here are the door prizes and winners. A huge thanks go out to our event sponsors:
          • Syracuse Customs
          • Parts Express
          • Crutchfield
          • Acoustic Elegance
          • Pioneer
          • Madisound
          • JL Audio

          Because of the huge amount of door prizes the sponsors sent us, everyone walked away with a couple really cool toys!

          Ballpark estimate of about $2,000 worth of door prizes here!!!! :surprised:

          A few random photos of just some of the lucky winners:


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            Re: Audio Meet: November 9th. Decatur, AL.

            more photos...

            Kyle gettin' his Terminator demo on with the Kefs and Chris watching keeping an eye out for any would-be attackers.

            Final group shot. Some mean muggin' and some cheesin'. Good eclectic group of guys. :D