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Curved Sides Glue-Up *** How-To

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    Re: Curved Sides Glue-Up *** How-To

    I've never done a curved cabinet but if I wanted to trim the excess off I'd clamp a piece of wood to the front or back and use a router with a bushing or a top bearing bit to trim the edge from the flat face side. You could get very close to the front or back and sand what's left smooth.

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      Re: Curved Sides Glue-Up *** How-To

      Am I the only one who cuts circles in the front baffle before making the final box?

      Thanks for the video and good choice on intro music.


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        Re: Curved Sides Glue-Up *** How-To

        Originally posted by ErinH View Post
        Thanks for this discussion, guys.

        When you lay down the sides, do you worry about excess? Since
        I am horrible at cutting the right lengths perfectly, and if there's a significant curve I can imagine not getting the length just right and in that case
        I would probably shoot to have extra and just flush trim it out. Is that a viable option?

        PassingInterest did a great documentation of his curved build that you might find useful. His trimming method and jig are shown on page 3.