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Speedster TMM w/ angled cabs

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  • Speedster TMM w/ angled cabs

    Good Afternoon:

    I am considering building the Speedster TMM kit. I was wondering if building them with a slight backward angle, but retaining internal volume, would cause an issue - either with time alignment or the ML-TL or anything else. I am not thinking anything too severe - just a few degrees back to give them a speedier look. Similar to the image below.

    Click image for larger version

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    If the angle is acceptable, then I am planning to build them as a vertical translam design. As such, this gives many more possibilities to the shape of the internal chamber. I don't want to make it overly complication, but if there were a better TL configuration to use, I'd consider it. Otherwise, I'll leave the internal chamber basically rectangular.

    Thanks for your thoughts.


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    Re: Speedster TMM w/ angled cabs

    might be some timing issues or diffraction issues or comb filtering, not 100% sure, though I love the idea, especially the translam.

    I'll let someone else chime in on how big of an effect those things will have on the quality.
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      Re: Speedster TMM w/ angled cabs

      As long as the internal area and height are the same, and the two woofers are located at the same places on the baffle as in the original design, the ML-TL performance will be the same. Can't speak about how the crossover design will be affected by the tilt-back, though.


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        Re: Speedster TMM w/ angled cabs

        It would affect the time alignment (phase integration) of the drivers. I'm not sure to what degree without actually trying it, and unfortunately, mine are disassembled at the moment. The other drawback to using a ribbon in a tilted-back enclosure is that ribbons have a limited vertical dispersion--in other words, once you move the tweeters away from eye/ear level, you start to notice the high end roll off quicker than a dome tweeter.

        I don't have enough input to say whether it would work or not. This is just me stating the acoustic factors that could become problems.
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          Re: Speedster TMM w/ angled cabs

          If you like the look, cjd has a design, the Ansonica that is similar and is designed with a tilt. He did a laminated cab that is very impressive.