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Inversion - guilty "displeasures"?

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  • Inversion - guilty "displeasures"?

    Mr. Miller has a great thread that is proving to humanize many of us, and got me thinking...

    What artists do you end up silencing your dislike of in "polite" company to avoid the inevitable disapproving glare or condescending pats on the head? OK, I'll start...

    Specific artists/groups:

    Led Zeppelin.

    Norah Jones.



    Rodrigo y Gabriela

    Several more, those are just off the top of my head

    Generalities based on "genre"

    Almost anything labeled "southern rock" - Skynyrd and ZZ Top definitely included!

    Almost anything advertised as or proven to be, light jazz with a female singer

    General music events that I (conditionally) do not enjoy:

    Drum solos.

    Bass solos.

    The above two are pretty nice for less than, say, 10 or 20 seconds.

    Lots O' Brass, especially in busy music. Think... G.E. Smith and the SNL Band intro of the 80's for an idea of when a horn is suddenly obnoxious to me.

    Again, not a lot of thought in this list at the moment - but I thought it would be interesting to see what people dislike that maintain either a high level of popularity (within our community and/or music lover world at-large) or have de facto been accepted as "good" based on artist reputation.

    Special mention to Kool and the Gang - Celebrate. Not sure if they are acclaimed or not, but that song is like being bludgeoned by a lump of clay to me
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    Re: Inversion - guilty "displeasures"?

    I can't stand Sugarland.
    I don't like Steely Dan or most of The Doors.

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      Re: Inversion - guilty "displeasures"?

      adele, amy winehouse the southern rock summation fits


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        Re: Inversion - guilty "displeasures"?

        I'm pretty unabashed in my dislike of whatever it is I don't like so if I don't like your favorite artist I'm pretty happy to tell you.

        Having said that I don't like most mainstream popular stuff, unless I do, in which case it's ok. But if you listen to stuff that's on the radio right now, I don't like that, whatever it is. ;)


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          Re: Inversion - guilty "displeasures"?

          I dislike a bunch of great guitar players who can not sing a lick. Names like Sting, Bruce, ......add your own.


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            Re: Inversion - guilty "displeasures"?

            General don't dislike any well made music but there are a few I can only take in small doses. Like Bruce, Prince, Beatles, 80's country, modern Jazz.

            Johnny I'm apologizing in advance for my Iowa 2014 music selection...
            John H

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              Re: Inversion - guilty "displeasures"?

              hip hop, hair bands, early country. That said, I'll generally listen to anyone who can still fill an arena after 35-40 years - that's evidence that there's probably something worth hearing.

              I do find it interesting that while you're young and believe to be enlightened and diverse, tend have relatively narrow tastes. Most folks musical interest expand as they get older.


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                Re: Inversion - guilty "displeasures"?

                ~99% of the Beatles catalog
                yep.....I tolerate

                Mozart.... I wiah I could ressurect him then take up smoking just so I can burn him with cigarettes. I have learned to smile though.

                Katie Perry

                Dixie Chicks....Not from politics either.. They are just whiny.

                There are many more. But everyone likes different flavors, it is why I will always be poilite and going back to the Dixie Chicks I have one of their albums because as whiny as they are, they make a great demp and are very challanging to get right. So thereis a little light in every darkness.


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                  Re: Inversion - guilty "displeasures"?

                  First name comes to mind is, Rascal Flatts.
                  And much of Tim McGraw.


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                    Re: Inversion - guilty "displeasures"?

                    Originally posted by Jim Griffin View Post
                    I dislike a bunch of great guitar players who can not sing a lick. Names like Sting, Bruce, ......add your own.
                    Dylan is at the top of my 'can't sing a lick' list, but a great poet. Can get by as a guitarist accompanyist - barely.
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                      Re: Inversion - guilty "displeasures"?

                      Niel Diamond

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                        Re: Inversion - guilty "displeasures"?

                        The Eagles. I used to like them but they were so overplayed here I can't stand them.


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                          Re: Inversion - guilty "displeasures"?

                          Interesting thread. I can't believe you don't like Led Zeppelin Johnny :(

                          For me...

                          Anything by John Mayer. Anytime I hear him sing I want to smash things.

                          Any girl that sings too over-the-top. I get it, you can swing all kinds of different notes but give it a rest.

                          Pretty much any and all new country
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                            Re: Inversion - guilty "displeasures"?

                            All of the above (except for mzisserson, who, as usual, gets almost everything wrong). Heard a "thing" about Springsteen's new album on NPR a couple days ago which did nothing but remind me how bad he is. On the "classical" side there's Jane Glover's read of the Mozart K361 "Gran Partita" which is so awful it drives the cats from the room (or maybe it's me on the floor writhing and screaming "no, no, stop, stop"). Even the jewel box cover is wrong . . . calls it "Serenade for 13 Wind instruments" (it's actually written for and performed by 12 winds and a double-bass, which the player's list on the same cover acknowledges).
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                              Re: Inversion - guilty "displeasures"?

                              Steely Dan and Doors??? C'mon Ben!!!

                              Originally posted by Wolf View Post
                              I can't stand Sugarland.
                              I don't like Steely Dan or most of The Doors.

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