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Dayton 1/2" Inverted Dome Tweeter Mounting

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  • Dayton 1/2" Inverted Dome Tweeter Mounting

    OK. I get it that these are supposed to be mounted from the back of the baffle with a 3/4" hole.. Seems that the baffle thickness and edge geometry will have a major impact on the response.

    Don't see that there is a recommended baffle thickness. I looked at the manual for the CBT36, but it's tough to judge from the photos how thick the baffle is.

    I'm currently thinking of making the baffle from 3 laminations of 1/4" ply with the outer having 3/4" holes and the inner lams with 1" holes.

    That means the tweeters will be inset about 1/4". I don't really want to weaken the baffle by going thinner.

    Any suggestions?