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Kappa Perfect 12.1 subs - Tweak phase

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  • Kappa Perfect 12.1 subs - Tweak phase

    1st off thanks a huge amount to everyone that helped me get better educated on the matter. People called out a large variety of aspects I needed to consider and research. I pushed back on some things so I could get more to the "why" and got it in spades. That was excellent.

    I was digging around and actually located my precision freud dado stack and it's 100% intact. This allowed me to throw away my original intent to use 45-degree cuts among other things.

    I'll finish posting detailed specs when I get back, but for now this design:
    • remains 4cf @ 24hz as the flattest spectrum for this driver.
    • is double walled throughout using standard 13/16-MDF.
    • has a removable top for better port access.
    • has removable front baffles upgradeable to 15" or even 18" later.
    • has dado slots for precision construction and strength.
    • has adjustable slot port tuning.
    • uses the port as part of structure and reinforcement.

    It'll be a fun build and there will be two of them.

    Click image for larger version

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    Feel free to rip my assumptions apart when wrong, or fix if close.

    Passive Radiators:
    All PR(s) Vd must at-least double all woofer(s) Vd. Calc = Sd x Xmax to get Vd for all PR(s) and all woofer(s). If all PR(s) Vd at-least double all woofer(s) Vd they'll work.
    For woofer(s) with large Xmax vs Sd, all PR(s) with Xmax at-least double all woofer(s) Xmax will work.
    A PR max weight is said to be its Mms x3

    PR Systems - tight focus with key parameters.
    PR Speaker Design - thorough coverage.