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Omnidirectional speaker?

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  • Omnidirectional speaker?

    Hi all!

    Two recent threads got me thinking about trying to build an omnidirectional speaker.

    One thread was discussing Linkwitz' keynote address. This statement caught my eye: "The solution would be a loudspeaker with spectrally neutral radiation in all directions."

    This is actually related to Amar Bose's early work on a "pulsating sphere", which eventually resulted in the 901.

    The other thread was discussing 3" full range drivers, and the Vifa TC9FD was mentioned. I had not looked at that driver before, but it's FR looks pretty "spectrally neutral" over a very wide range. Good reviews, not too expensive.

    So, I was thinking of using 9 of the Vifa's, wired series-parallel to keep the impedance benign. Enclosure could either be:

    9-sided tower, no driver on top or bottom, minimal interaction with floor/ceiling, omni in horizontal plane

    8-sided tower, 1 driver on top, minimal interaction with floor, but ceiling becomes involved

    7-sided box, 1 driver on top and bottom. Would need to be suspended, but not the same distance from floor to ceiling, closest to true omni, but both floor and ceiling are fully involved.

    Cross to sub(s) at about 80 hz. EQ overall system to best possible response at the listening position. Very likely that the built-in EQ from an HT receiver can do this.

    The fly I see in this ointment would be comb filtering. Might be able to minimize by keeping drivers as close as possible.



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    Re: Omnidirectional speaker?

    Google "dodecahedron speakers".
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      Re: Omnidirectional speaker?

      Originally posted by Tin_Ears View Post
      Google "dodecahedron speakers".
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        Re: Omnidirectional speaker?

        the little Vifa does sound nice over a wide range, but 80Hz would be asking a lot, IMO.