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Alpair 10P 2 way project.

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  • Alpair 10P 2 way project.

    I've just bought 2 pairs of Alpair 10P's to make 2 sets of speakers - decided to go for a mid sized 2 way floor stander design.
    The plan is to use the Alpairs in an open baffle down to 300-350hz or so, and side mount two 6.5" woofers per cab, kind of like the Kef Blade (also 350hz x/o)- altho the woofers will be close to the floor, more similar perhaps to something like Rockport.

    I want to use a 1st order on the Alpair and 2nd on the side firing woofers, which will probably be Scanspeak 8535-01 in parallel. The cabinet baffle will lean back around 9 degrees for time alignment

    what do you think…? will there be an issue using the alpairs in an open baffle down to 300hz with just a first order roll off? will there be issues with driver integration? I'm willing to take the risk etc

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    Re: Alpair 10P 2 way project.

    If you look at at post #3 the thread I linked below, you can read what Mark Fenlon (Mark of MarkAudio) has to say about a 10P in an open baffle. Seems like it should do well.
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      Re: Alpair 10P 2 way project.

      Thanks Mike! I'm concerned about the x/o point more than anything- what is too high for the side firing woofers, what is too low for the OB alpairs etc.

      The 10P's have a quite high 50 ohm spike at Fs, which starts to rise south of 200hz.
      With a first order at 300-350hz, I hope I can get away with it