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Sunflower HT CC BOM/schematic?

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  • Sunflower HT CC BOM/schematic?

    I think the journey of picking a build for my HT/music system has come to an end. After having almost pulled the trigger on the TriTrix, then demoing some ES speakers and getting some great feedback from everyone about some questions I had about them, I’ve decided to go with the Sunflowers as my mains.

    I found a build in which Paul C. designed a Sunflower CC ( for rvsixer. I was wondering if someone could provide me with the x-over schematic for the CC and the BOM? I tried to email Paul C. directly but my browser crashes after emailing him so I’m not sure if it went through.

    As far as surrounds go I’m still deciding. rvsixer went with some OS’s, I’m contemplating using the TriTrix MTM. Perhaps the AviaTrix MTM would be a better choice in keeping with aluminum cones across the board.

    Another detail I ran across is that the RS225 is no longer shielded. Has anyone built the Sunflowers with the updated driver?

    Any help would be much appreciated!

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    Re: Sunflower HT CC BOM/schematic?

    PM sent.

    IMHO unless you have a very large space to fill, and or listen to full range surround music, MTM's are unnecessary for HT surrounds. I chose to stick with a surround design within the Paul C "family", in hopes it would provide a better chance at similar tone/voicing/timbre/etc. I have not been disappointed, the OS works perfectly with the Sunflowers (I imagine the OS MTM would as well). Other designers surrounds may not match up as well, just food for thought.

    My Sunflowers are built with the newer/current RS225 (PE #295-356), sounds great no issues.


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      Re: Sunflower HT CC BOM/schematic?

      Not to speak for Paul, but the new RS225 needs a slightly smaller box than the old shielded woofer did. But this is good, because I think the 1.5 cu.ft. box Paul specified was a little on the small size for the old woofer, but it is perfect for the new version. Based on WinISD modeling, I would also suggest a 2.5" X 6.75" port for a 32hz tuning which the new woofer needs. The larger port diameter helps keep the port air velocity down to prevent "chuffing"when used at higher volume.

      When PE switched to unshielded woofers, they also slightly modified the driver parameters to allow reduced box sizes. The trade off was a few less hertz extension on the bottom end and thus the slightly higher tuning needed. Again, based on the specs, you shouldn't need any crossover changes since the impedance and sensitivity are almost identical for the old and new.


      p.s. I have a pair of the old RS255S woofers in 1.75 cu.ft. boxes tuned to 28hz as part of a dipole speaker similar to the Sunflowers and they sound great. They have been part of my home theater for five or six years.

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        Re: Sunflower HT CC BOM/schematic?

        Bob is correct on resizing the box smaller for the new 225. If you reference my build thread (link in the first post); it addresses the new box size, vent & alignment (using Curt C methods making for a very versatile setup, can run sealed or vented with minimal compromise in either mode, currently running as sealed full range HT mains no HPF needed). The spec 2" precision port (which has HUGE roundovers on both ends) has not chuffed on me yet when running vented.