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What Bluetooth Receiver Should I Use

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  • What Bluetooth Receiver Should I Use

    I recently finished a project with a combination of many different components and am now going to work on a new speaker/amp combo using the Lepai LP-2020A+ and wanted to eventually add a bluetooth hook up as well. Last project started with a bluetooth receiver from amazon, but I couldn't pick it up on my computer and bought based on price alone. Does anyone have any good recs for what Bluetooth receiver to use? If you have any projects that you're proud of, links are more than welcome, and I'm pretty good at complements.


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    Re: What Bluetooth Receiver Should I Use

    Both using the Belkin Bluetooth unit off Amazon.
    A bit fiddly to work with once its taken apart. But works just fine. hands free pairing.
    Now ive taken to using the Sure unit.



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      Re: What Bluetooth Receiver Should I Use

      Great Thanks once again asmd. And how do you nail the perfect paint job with such glossy and smooth finish each time?


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        Re: What Bluetooth Receiver Should I Use

        Rust Oleum painters choice x2 rattle can over primed and prepped mdf. two weeks of drying and then wet sanding with 800 grit up to 2000 grit, loads of aggravation and expletives every time i sand through to the primer and have to repeat the paint.. and final finish with automotive rubbing compound until a mirror finished is achieved.
        Its a bit pain to do and requires a learning curve if its your first time and lots of patience.
        But the end result is pretty nice.