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Beach / Picnic outdoor Blue Tooth Boombox

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  • Beach / Picnic outdoor Blue Tooth Boombox

    I would like to build an outdoor beach/picnic boombox. I saw a post here about Poplar wood on sale at Home Depot so I picked up a few sheets. My idea is to make a cheap (~$100) boombox that I won't be upset if it gets damaged or stolen. I was thinking:



    Bluetooth Module:


    And then some wall-wart style charger I have laying around. I might take the free Belkin USB charger that comes with the Bluetooth module and adding a cell phone charger cable. Any thoughts or advice?


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    Re: Beach / Picnic outdoor Blue Tooth Boombox

    I like the battery, can't speak for the BT module, but the Lepai 2020 is almost the same cost but is more complete (includes PS) AND has a proven track/SQ record. I think there could be better speaker choices (in the $20 range). So many of these have been designed, why not copy one instead of reinventing the wheel?


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      Re: Beach / Picnic outdoor Blue Tooth Boombox

      I just built a boombox based in the sprite. I used the lepai 2020 amp which I would favor. It comes with PS as mentioned and it has tone controls which can be nice with a full range design. BT1A works ok, but it seems to have to be powered off and then back on in order to switch which phone etc it is connected to.
      Loren Jones


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        Re: Beach / Picnic outdoor Blue Tooth Boombox

        I'm always toying with these designs. I like the T-amp because you can integrate it into the cabinet.

        Unless you can measure and design a x-o you're going to have some compromises. Here's an idea, use this pair of speakers, pick a smaller battery, use the T-amp and design a control box that joins the two cabinets together.

        I'll probably do this myself, with a few mods.
        John H

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          Re: Beach / Picnic outdoor Blue Tooth Boombox

          Thanks for the ideas. The visaton speakers are full range, no x-over needed. They'll do 75 -to higher than I can hear and most importantly are water proof. I am really starting to appreciate full range single driver speakers, especially with wee-power amps. I tested my hearing and I don't hear much over 16-17k, oddly it depends on the day. That lepai seems like a winner at the price!


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            Re: Beach / Picnic outdoor Blue Tooth Boombox

            Made a prototype. Different drivers from the first post as I had these lying around from an old Altec Lansing speaker for my first gen iphone.

            Click image for larger version

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            Forgot to mention that with the 12v 7Ah battery it lasted all day. I was at the beach by 11am and we did not leave till 6pm. The whole time we streamed Pandora at full volume and kept the phone charged. I could probably get by with a smaller battery because when I came home it measured 12.20v.
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