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  • OT: Help with Goodwill find

    So there is a goodwill in town that has been very good to me lately. I picked up receiver 2 days ago and I'm having a hard time finding much info on it.

    It's a Sony ES model, STR-GX7ESII. I know they has the GX7ES but this is supposed to be a completely different beast. From what I can find, this model had the most power, even more than the GX10ES. I've found 140 rms at 8 ohms and 190 per channel. All I I know is this thing gets loud!!!! Sounds good while doing it to. It's like in near perfect shape but no remote for $24.99.

    If anyone else could shed some light on this guy that would be awesome!

    Since others share their thrift find I guess I will too.

    These are all from the same good will in the last 40 days or so:
    That receiver
    Sony CDP-X111ES single disc player. Works great, but no remote $9.99

    Rotel RSX-1065 receiver in mint condition w/remote $49.99
    This rotel is POWERFUL and sounds awesome

    A pair of brand new, still in wrapping, B&W signature seven in walls $29.99. 7" two way that are supposed to be one of the best inwalls

    Pair of cerwin vega DX-3s. Woofers needed new surrounds otherwise the cabinets, grills and drivers are all excellent. I listened to them for like an hour after the woofers were foamed. Gotta love that cv sound. $19.99

    Pair of Boston HD9s. Passives needed new surrounds so had those fixed. Cabinets had a few dings on the corners but drivers and grills all great! I really like the way these sound. $9.99

    A B&W 800ASW powered sub. The older one that is ported. Long throw 12" woofer that needs a new surround, but I'm having trouble locating a surround. This thing is a beast! So freaking heavy. Cabinet and grill are mint and the amp works perfectly. Just need a surround lol. This was one of their first THX rated subs and was to be mated with their matrix 800 speaker. I can't wait to hear it. $14.99

    A Velodyne HGS-15 THX ultra 2 sub. The gloss finish does not have one scratch on it. The driver and grill are perfect. The amp, not so much. I called velodyne and they will fix the amp for $360. Ouch. I paid $9.99 for it so I'd be into it for $370. Should I do it? I was thinking about putting in a different amp but want to take advantage of the servo tech.

    A pair of old school kicker solo baric 10d subs. Again mint for $39.99 for the pair with a carpeted cabinet. They sound good.

    Then a few other small things like a niles speaker selector, etc.

    Any help on the receiver would be great, thanks!!!


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    Re: OT: Help with Goodwill find

    Wow, I wish I had a Goodwill store like that close to me. The ones I have been to locally only carry garbage. :(
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      Re: OT: Help with Goodwill find

      Uhmmm- WOW! Great deals...
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        Re: OT: Help with Goodwill find

        Originally posted by Wolf View Post
        Uhmmm- WOW! Great deals...
        Great? How bout, AMAZING! I'm so jealous! If I were you,,,, I stop by that store once a day!

        Have Fun buddy,,,,, have fun! Mark


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          Re: OT: Help with Goodwill find

          Lucky buggerer of Goodwill. :D
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            Re: OT: Help with Goodwill find

            Haha yeah, one thing I didn't mention though. There is an area around here that has most of the wealth living there. In this large community they decided there will be one weekend of every year to hold a garage sale. This thing gets packed!!! Whatever is not sold usually ends up at this goodwill. This explains most of the scores in a short time.