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  • Esoteric es25nd-4

    My apologies if this thread is redundant!. Now that the spec sheet for this tweeter is viewable on the Dayton Audio website, I would love to hear the opinions and observations of other members. Thank you in advance for your participation.

    Click image for larger version

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    Re: Esoteric es25nd-4

    Looks like a super low Q alignment. I predicted a sloping response when the original ad-copy read something like "ultra low Qts of 0.2 means wonderful transients" or something like that. Probably benefit from tinkering with the chamber. The Fs may be 475Hz, but it is already down 15 or 20 db from the odd peak right at 5K. Doesn't look too easy to use. On paper, doesn't really stack up to the midwoofer offerings. Of course the valley on-axis centered around 10K will minimize ssssibilance. Just my $0.02 based on interpreting the spec sheet.
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      Re: Esoteric es25nd-4

      The back looks a bit like the RS52, maybe this is another PE tweaked Peerless India effort? Nothing wrong with that, just a reflection...

      Click image for larger version

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        Re: Esoteric es25nd-4

        This is easier to see in terms of scale...

        Baffle step effects may give a boost in the right range to flatten out the lower range. 8dB swing from 5k to 8.5k. I think a best fit sensitivity is 90dB,+/-5dB tolerance from 1.2-20k. That's a 10dB swing.

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          Re: Esoteric es25nd-4

          Okay, someone get this in Dave Pellegrine's waveguides, and then we can see how usable this tweeter is at the bottom of its range
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            Re: Esoteric es25nd-4

            I wonder how much of the damage the faceplate is causing to it's FR?

            Originally posted by GranteedEV View Post
            Okay, someone get this in Dave Pellegrine's waveguides, and then we can see how usable this tweeter is at the bottom of its range
            +1. Looks like a great candidate. Or how about contacting Erich to get one of these in a dome friendly SEOS. ;)
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              Re: Esoteric es25nd-4

              There must be some technical reason for that faceplate right?


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                screams without the faceplate maybe?
                Feel free to rip my assumptions apart when wrong, or fix if close.

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                  Re: Esoteric es25nd-4

                  I see that this tweeter is now listed as "In Stock" I'm still on the fence, hoping for some positive feedback before placing an order.
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                    Re: Esoteric es25nd-4

                    Might be a good candidate for a slanted baffle?
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