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You might get a chuckle out of this

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  • You might get a chuckle out of this

    I've been perusing the ebay listings on multi-channel amps and came across this description:

    "The Rotel RMB 1075 is a Rotel amplifier which produces 200 watts of power output from each of its 5 channels to play loud music. With a frequency response of 15Hz - 100kHz +0.5dB, the Rotel RMB 1075 gives a good bass response. Total harmonic distortion being 0.03%, this 5 channel amp plays clear music even at high volume. Having a signal to noise ratio of 116dB, this Rotel amplifier eliminates unwanted signals providing clean audio. An impedance of 1.0 V / 33 kOhms protects this QSC Amplifier from damage due electric current. Damping factor of 180, reduces the vibration of the Rotel RMB 1075 system."

    I really hate those dreaded system vibrations.

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    Re: You might get a chuckle out of this

    If you're not careful it will dance along with the music right out of the room. :eek:


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      Re: You might get a chuckle out of this

      Hahaha. First it's a Rotel amp, then later, it turns into a QSC amp. And everyone knows that damping factor numbers are directly related to the size of the rubber mounts on which the amplifier is mounted.
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        Re: You might get a chuckle out of this

        Offhand can't really think of a witty remark to add to this, but this is really funny!:applause:
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          Re: You might get a chuckle out of this

          Been reading a lot of Ebay listings for amp boards. Invariably they are described as a "fire" board or a "fire" design.
          Took me a while to realize that they really meant to say "hot" board.

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