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  • DIII Refried Center Channel Advice

    I have Paul Carmody's Core II's just about finished. I recently read a post where Paul Carmody suggested that the Dayton III with his "refried" crossover to use the RS-28F would be a great choice. I bit and ordered the parts. And THEN got to thinking ;o).

    I have on hand two additional 7" RS-180 drivers that are used in the Core. It sure would be nice to use the same drivers in my center as the Core mains. Jeff Bagby has a brilliant and simple crossover for the RS-180 / RS-28F already. However, I don't know how well that would do laid over as a center when it comes to off axis performance. Off axis performance is going to be very important for my "lving room" theater setup.

    I believe that Paul's Dayton III refried is supposed to be very good at off axis due to his choice of low crossover point.

    So, the question is, should I stick with the Dayton III Refried, or build Jeff's RS-180 / RS-28 MTM?

    And.. if I do build the Dayton III Refried, what would happen acoustically if I were to back mount the woofers? I don't like the asthetics of that Dayton Classic woofer with it's gasket. I thought about removing that gasket, and back mounting with a nice round over on the baffle. Does this cause problems due to a flush mounted tweeter and back mounted woofer?

    Also, Paul mentions that it would not hurt to move the Dayton III refried drivers closer together and even offsetting the tweeter. The RS-28F comes with truncated face plates, so I could really get the drivers center to center a lot closer if need be.

    Well, lots of questions, sorry for that. Am looking forward to discussion!

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    Re: DIII Refried Center Channel Advice

    Here is Jeff Bagby's thread.


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      Re: DIII Refried Center Channel Advice

      Indeed... thank you! I have read that post thoroughly. In this thread Jeff Bagby says:

      "Due to the fairly low crossover point, if it were directly in front of the listening area it wouldn't be too bad placed horizontally. I am not certain without really digging into it what the angle of the listening window would be though."

      So far, I'm inclined to think that the DIII Refried may be a better choice, laid down for wide dispersion in my less than ideal listening environment.