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Atlantic Technologies Subwoofer - Need Help

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  • Atlantic Technologies Subwoofer - Need Help

    Is there anyone here who can identify the value the component with the burn mark? Resistor?

    The subwoofer powers up but no output. there are 2 clear burn marks on the board. I would like to try to repair myself but have no idea of the values.
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    Re: Atlantic Technologies Subwoofer - Need Help

    It's definitely a resistor. As best I can tell from the photo the 3 color bands on the left side are brown, black and red as read from the left, which tells me it's 1000 ohms, I believe. The first band color might be orange, however, which would make it a 3000-ohm value. The band on the far right looks like it's gold, meaning a 5% tolerance. I can't determine the absolute size of the resistor which would indicate its wattage rating, but I'm guess it's at least 1/2-watt, but possibly more. I hope others can chime in because it's a bit difficult to be sure.


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      Re: Atlantic Technologies Subwoofer - Need Help

      I would agree with Paul that it looks like a 5% 1k resistor. However, I would guess that it's a 1 or 2 watt in size.

      EDIT: Some justification to my guess of its power rating... The transistors appear to be TO-92 packages. This puts their diameter at approximately 0.18-0.21". Assuming the resistor is about the same size diameter, then a typical carbon or metal oxide resistor would be 1 or 2 watts. If you can fit a 2 or 3 watt replacement, it wouldn't hurt to use the highest power rating possible, as that resistor obviously dissipates a lot of power.