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WinPCD - New tab for finding Relative Acoustic Offset

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    Re: WinPCD - New tab for finding Relative Acoustic Offset

    Originally posted by charlielaub View Post
    From the Blender tutorial, which is available HERE:

    So, yes, you can still use the Blender in OpenOffice or LibreOffice Calc, but the spinners and buttons will not function. You will not be able to make use of the diffraction modeler in OO Calc, for instance.

    Everything should still work that is not macro driver, however, meaning you can still blend and extract minimum phase.
    Actually Charlie, for the diffraction modeler and the box modeler, neither require macros to work. The only macros there are just copying the data into the columns used by the Blender. However, anyone can use these tools and then manually copy and paste the values into those columns. I just don't think we explain that it can work this way.
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