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Wishlist Functionality is now LIVE on Parts Express

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  • Wishlist Functionality is now LIVE on Parts Express

    Hey everyone!

    I just wanted to stop by and let all of you know that we just launched the Wishlist function on We had received a number of requests asking for this capability, so people can create a list of what they would like and then share with others. What better time to have ready than for the upcoming Father's Day holiday?

    It's easy to use - just sign-in to your account and as you are browsing, hit the blue "Add to Wishlist" button on a product and the system will add it to your specific wishlist. What's even easier is you can then go to your account to view your wishlist and have the option to either email a specific item to a person or you can choose to email your entire list so they can choose what to purchase for you. Since parts and components are very personal, it makes it easy for you to choose what you would like and then it's easy for someone to buy it for you for a gift.

    Click image for larger version

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    We hope you will enjoy playing with the wishlist and Happy Tuesday!
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    Re: Wishlist Functionality is now LIVE on Parts Express

    Excellent, Ginger!

    A tiny suggestion - send an email whenever an item on the wishlist is specially discounted (like DOD or clearance).
    Keep up the good work! Drive more sales!


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      Re: Wishlist Functionality is now LIVE on Parts Express

      This does not work for me!

      I created a small list with 3 items, e-mailed it to myself 2 hours ago, but it never arrived. I do use a VPN, but that should not affect this.
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