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Need advice on 3 way crossover before I start having wood cut...

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  • Need advice on 3 way crossover before I start having wood cut...

    A friend runs a CNC machine, and he's offered to cut a cabinet for me at low cost. I've decided to design my own speaker from scratch, after having built a few kits, learned how to measure, and simulated a few designs on my own.

    The speaker is a 3 way with:
    SB Acoustics sb19
    SB Acoustics sb12MNRX
    Dayton Rs-225

    I am putting this in a vented 1.4 cubic foot box. I was hoping someone could give me advice on whether or not this design is workable - it seems to model really well, but I don't want to make a cabinet and then realize I've made some really stupid mistake.

    One thing I'm worried about is efficiency of the tweeter. I have to pad down the midrange just a touch compared to the woofer, but the tweeter is running full steam. This worries me, and if someone could confirm that I haven't made a mistake such as adding baffle diffraction instead of subtracting it I would be most appreciative.

    The stated efficiencies for the woofer, mid and tweeter are 86.8, 88.5 and 88.5 respectively. In my simulation I am getting an overall efficiency of around 88.5.

    The file in question can be downloaded here:

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    Re: Need advice on 3 way crossover before I start having wood cut...

    Something is askew in your sim. No way you will see 88.5 when the woofer is 86.8 to begin with. Did you sim your baffle in response modeler?

    Just using what you have, I dropped the series rlc on the tweet and played a bit with the values. Nothing drastic, just moved them to more easily available values. The SB19 is about right on the spl. I am just finishing up a small 2way with it and a Peerless buyout 4" and am only using 4 ohm before the crossover. And you can also move to 1st order elec on the mid HP as well. I added a 20r in parallel to reduce the imp spike at fs of the mid.