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Faital Pro 3FE22 & 4FE32 Measurements

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  • Faital Pro 3FE22 & 4FE32 Measurements

    Does anyone have measurements on either the Faital Pro 3FE22 3" 4ohm or the 4FE32 4" 4 ohm speakers?

    I don't have the equipment to do measurements any longer and for some reason all attempts at using SPL Trace have given me seriously awkward results since I migrated to Win10.

    I am just looking to do a simple textbook xover with maybe a L-pad and Zobel as they are going to be installed in a car.

    I am probably just going to use the existing JL Audio passive I have for the 3" as it has a textbook 6db/lp and 12db/hp at 4000hz.

    I am going to pair two of the 4" with the ND20 or ND25 in the center channel location to replace the wimpy 3" factory speaker.

    If anyone has them and can share them I would really appreciate it.