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  • Beston RT002A

    Has anyone used or heard this tweeter?

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    Re: Beston RT002A
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      Re: Beston RT002A

      Hi dst, yep, I have the Kaverna's in my dining room right now. They are a very good tweeter. I rank them right up there with the Seas H1189 (in my Calliopes) as well as the XT25BG's and Vifa ne19VTT's.


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        Re: Beston RT002A

        I am using this tweeter in a new project. It sounds just fine, extremely detailed, but be sure to add Mortite or another sealant around the horn where it attaches to the metal front plate of the diaphragm assembly. Others have noted that there is a leak here, and you don't want any leakage around this area to modulate the very light diaphragm or else you'll have IMD and/or buzzing.
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          Re: Beston RT002A

          As well as the 2 'through-holes' to either side of the membrane that go front to back.
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