I'm going to be building my very first set of speakers soon for a 5.1 surround build. I decided on the components only kit and thus will be building the cb insets myself from scratch. I have access to a table saw but will cut the pieces to a workable size using a circular saw and guide. I don't have a plunge router nor a circle jig, but I made a super quick test template in like 10 mi.nutes the other day and it worked really well as I tested it on some scrap mdf I had laying around. I set the base depth to 0 and then slowly lowered the bit into the piece and cut the circle. I actually cut a full 1/4" in one pass with a very old straight bit and the cut came out perfect. I do intend to buy a spiral down bit to make the real cuts.

Now when cutting the panels for the enclosure, I've been reading that I should actually make the cuts slightly oversized and then flush trim them with my router, how oversized should the panels be, 1/8"? I'm still debating on whether or not I want to glue and screw or just glue and clamp to minimize screw holes. If I screw, I would be using bonds to fill the holes. Now, when the enclosure is built I intend to do the water glue mix to seal the entire box and ends. Should I be sealing the inside as well? Also I intend to do a 1/8" rounder on all of the sides including the baffle as I really like the small radius looks.

I will finish the box using automotive paint and have them sprayed in a paint booth as I have access to a shop for all of that.

I am going to forego the use of hurricane nuts or equivalent and use just a black wood screw to mount the drivers as I have used just basic drywall screws in the past when building car audio subwoofer boxes and never had a problem installing and removing them more than a few times.

The crossovers I'm going to build into the very bottom of the enclosure and make it so I can remove them if problems arise and install sand in the bottom like another builder has done. Ok so thats my plan, just need to get the mdf and away we go