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15" 2-way vs Raal MTM

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    Re: 15" 2-way vs Raal MTM

    800hz and below work very well for 15s. With a nice horn and source they image very well. A high level of satisfaction with most music.


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      Re: 15" 2-way vs Raal MTM

      My room is small but I don't expect to live in an apartment forever. So far I am considering the speakers below and would appreciate opinions on design differences with my goals in mind (especially from Jeff!). I am also open to other suggestions of proven designs(especially 3-ways).

      Auricle, Empires,or Testarossas

      So if imaging and spatial queues are the high frequencies what determines the ability to completely disappear and have a massive soundstage? Inductance, distortion, cone velocity (beryllium), phase, time alignment, etc. ? Also, I would like to add that the continuums woofer is not in state of the art yet is highly praised.

      Also, I found this thread where fbov was able to put into words far better than I. His comments are almost identical to the impressions the $10,000+ B&W's Left upon me that no other speaker in the room could match.

      Fbov's comment below:
      ("Disappear" is a term I brought to my first speaker DIY event, and I used it to describe two speakers, Continuum (which Jeff had brought) and a beautiful MTM by a guy named Jim Salk. It's the sensation that instrument images are spread out and floating in space, with no indication where they come from. You can't locate the speaker in the sound field. It is no longer "visible" behind the sound field it projects. Everything I read since has just reinforced what I knew instinctively; this is good sound.)"