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Any 4 ohm NS6 designs out there?

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  • Any 4 ohm NS6 designs out there?

    I have a pair of the 4 ohm Aura NS6 drivers and a set of Seas 27TDFC tweeters that I would like to use on this build, would like to keep it simple and not spend much if possible.
    Box will be ~20L tuned at 45hz and a stepped 15mm woofer baffle .
    Fc around 2.5khz 12dB/oct but will have to run measurements to see what's best.
    Undecided on port location, front or rear.
    This will most likely be used nearfield in a work desk or stands near the wall and not played loud, will be amped by a Lepai LP-2020A+. Trying to use as much parts as I already have.
    Front baffle dimensions.
    24cm wide
    40cm tall
    I'll run FR and phase measurements once I build the box, but I can't do impedance measurements at the moment.
    I never built passive crossovers before, always gone the active route so I have no experience designing passives.
    I have a spare DCX 2496 that I can use to simulate and try some crossover settings and FR shaping before building a final passive crossover, but like I said I would just like to keep it simple as this will be used in my small office/workshop and not have that much use.
    I also have a set of Vifa BC25SC06-04 tweeters and B&C DE10 drivers but no waveguide for it, but would prefer to use the Seas tweeters.

    Any help would be very much appreciated.

    My main system uses B&C 8PS21 woofers and JBL 2408H drivers on the JBL 6x6 waveguide, MiniDSP bi-amped. Dual Aura NS8 for subs nearfield.

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    Re: Any 4 ohm NS6 designs out there?

    2nd order HP w/L-pad: 10uF series cap, 0.30mH shunt coil (to gnd), "L" SR=3n (ohms), PR=10n
    normal polarity on tweeter

    tanked 2nd order LP w/Zobel: 1.2mH series coil (low DCR, maybe "I-core") w/a tiny 0.44uF cap in parallel w/this series coil, 3uF shunt cap, Zobel (across woofer terms) = 8n resistor and 22uF cap

    About 86dB w/+3dBSC. Fc near 2.1kHz.


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      Re: Any 4 ohm NS6 designs out there?

      Thank you, what did you use for simulation?

      I'm planing on building the box in the next week or two and start with the measurements.


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        Re: Any 4 ohm NS6 designs out there?

        "XOverSim.exe" (by Isaac MCN) w/mfr. plots and a "generic" BSC curve. Some phase data is simmed, but I do NOT account for XYZ offsets (so PCD should give a lot tighter results), esp. if you use response modeler and min. phase files.


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          Re: Any 4 ohm NS6 designs out there?

          Thank you, I'll look into it.