Building a crossover can be tricky, whether you buy a “pre-made” crossover for your speaker or custom build your own depends on your objectives, experience, and your budget. In many applications, pre-made crossovers are a great starting point and more than adequate for your speaker build. If selected properly, these convenient crossover networks deliver the proper protection and satisfying sound quality. Parts Express carries many pre-assembled crossovers in a variety of configurations, crossovers, and use applications.

However, if you are ready to build your own crossover, here are 4 factors to consider before you start building.

1. Tweeter Resonant Frequency
2. Woofer Peaking and Breakup
3. Woofer Off-Axis Response
4. Driver Excursion Capabilities

For a more in-depth look at factors that should go into your crossover check out our full resource article here. If you are looking for a deeper look into crossover design see our crossover building resource here.