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    Acoustic Development 2b
    We will be having a get together in downtown Hot Springs, Arkansas at the Arkansas School of Mathematics, Sciences and the Arts (ASMSA) located just off Route 7 (Central Street). It will be low key but we plan to have some presentations.

    Things will start with a check-in on Friday afternoon, July 13th and continue until Sunday Noon, July 15th

    We are offering a double room in a residence hall for $20 a night. This is basically camping with internal plumbing. The building is not fancy but each room will have its own bathroom and shower. ASMSA is right downtown so you can walk to restaurants and there are plenty of venues for entertainment including music for the evenings. If your taste are more refined than a dorm room, there are plenty of hotels and motels to choose from in the area. The school uses the Springs Hotel for its guests, a half block away.

    Dave Thomas has offered to do a presentation on Jeff Bagby’s free crossover software. We have classrooms with A/V equipment. If you want to be introduced to designing your own crossovers this would be an excellent opportunity. Dave has designed over a hundred crossovers and has some of his designs in commercial speakers. He is also very patient, I know because I have asked some dumb questions.
    Bob Brines, of Brines Acoustics, has offered to do a presentation on quarter wave cabinets. Bob has produced several designs for his own full range speaker line. Bob builds beautiful cabinets and he will share some construction details on assembling. If you want to make your own cabinets these construction ideas would be good for any kind of cabinet and especially for quarter wave designs. Again we have classrooms and A/V so everyone should be able to get a front row view.

    We offer to have meals together for lunch and dinner. There are some nice restaurants in walking distance. The first night (Friday) we go to the Brau Haus for German food and beer. They have Spaten in several styles on tap and this seemed to be everybody’s favorite from two years ago. Rolando’s, a Cuban restaurant, has great food and a nice patio that borders on the National Park. Bohemia, my favorite, is continental cuisine of quality. I put out a schedule of when and where we are going so anyone who wants to join us can.

    Significant Others and Family
    Hot Springs is a great place for a number of activities. The National Park is literally right across the street. Lake Hamilton is on the far end of town offering fishing, swimming and boating. Mid-America Science Museum is great for kids. Bath House Row and a number of private spas are a nice way to get a massage and relax.

    If you have questions or you want to tell us your attending and to hold a room please send me an email at [email protected]
    The schools, the restaurants, the Springs Hotel all have web sites if you want to explore further. I will try and get at least one presentation for the get together. Two years ago we had about 12 people attend, so if you bring something to show you will get an opportunity to do so. Hope you decide to join us.


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      If you are coming to Hot Springs on the weekend of July 13,14 and 15 you might want to take advantage of GB Services. They sharpen router bits. It has cost me $8 a bit and you could mail them in advance and pick them up when you get here Friday or Saturday (if they are not open Saturday I will pick them up on Friday). They do nice work and it is cheaper than buying new router bits. They say if the bit isn't beat up too bad you can sharpen it four times if it is good quality.
      Address is

      GB Services
      808 East Grand Avenue
      Hot Springs, AR 71901



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        Here is the Goldwood I had seen online. Like I said if anybody wanted to try H-Frame dipole bass like Bob had this would be your best bet. Not the perfect dipole driver, however, its really cheap and meets the min standards: low FS, decent SPL, high QTS. Active EQ is REALLY needed, but you could hack it together with a EQ program running from your computer, there are several sources online.

        Goldwood 15″ Woofer 4 ohm. Treated Paper Cone with Foam Surround, 1.5″ voice coil, 135 Watts RMS, 275 Watts max, 22-3000 Hz,  20 oz magnet.

        PE has more info on the driver.



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          I will announce this here first though I don't always check this thread. Acoustic Development Tres will be June 8, 9 and 10. The Hot Spring Music Festival will be in full swing so there will be plenty of performances to catch. Most of the music will be classical or jazz but they also do opera and folk. The performers come from Europe and Asia. If you wanted to bring yyour significant other between the spas and the music there should be plenty to entertain. Second the housing has improved. The new residence hall was built this year so it is quite a bit better than the 1927 hospital. The cost for a room, single or double is $25 a night. The bad news, the Brau Haus is no more. There are other options in the immediate area so we will find food and adult beverages. I will post on the PE Board soon but wanted to let the old guard know first.


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            One other thing to mention for those of use that router. There is a great place in Hot Springs that will resharpen you router bits, mush less expensive than buying new. The cost for everything that I have brought them was $8.00 and if they don't think it is worth sharpening they will tell you. The place is GB Services, Inc. Located 808 East Grand Avenue in Hot Springs, AR 71901. Literally blocks from the school. You could mail them in and pick them up when you arrive. They actually work with Klipsch in Hope, AR.


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              Posted the dates for Acoustic Development Quatro on the PE Board.


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