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    Thanks for the interest anunnaki - time is my constraint as well. I was able to get over to my buddy's house to put another layer on last night but ran into some problems. The bendable birch I'm using came with varying levels of veneer side quality... two pieces looked workable as a final layer without having to veneer or paint over it so we set those aside. Last night we found we had cut one of the other sheets wrong and now I have to use the two finish pieces to bring the second shell up to the same thickness as the first one.

    It's a downside as it means more money for finishing as I'm going to buy veneer now.. but I'm sure I can find some neater veneer than the birch on my bendable ply.

    I'm heading over there again tonight to put the last layer on.. then hopefully this weekend I can finally get around to putting the cabinets together.


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      So, that brings up a question. Where do you guys get your veneer from? I'm going to need a 4x8 sheet or some variation that I can net two 3' x 4' sections of. I've been looking at oakwood veneer company and have found some crazy stuff in the burls - thinking they might be out of my price range though!


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        I get mine from (Joe Woodworker IIRC).
        Failure is not an option. It comes bundled with Windows.

        We are passionate about great sound at whatever level we can afford, so don't let the audio atheists reduce the experience to a set of numbers and squiggly lines. - jbruner


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          O.k. So who in Wisco, has thought about starting a commercial loudspeaker/business?
          Think I'm going to give it a go, I've got more of a niche speaker project that may fly.
          But I've still got to figure out the logistics of manuals/shipping/packaging. if anyones done this or has any ideas I'm all ears.


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            Can someone with Computer skills put together a Map and post it here so we can all see where we are in relationship to each other"


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              Let's get serious Boys - Must be som way we can help one another.

              I;ll try to get back to other members who asked questions soon.

              Our Group is 'Our ' Group. We're not here to compete with others; we're here to help each other. Quit thinking Badger Builders 2010.

              We're brand new. We can do what we want.


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                I have UGP. Realistically, I would need about $70k to get it off the ground, doing it right and hiring 1-2 people to help with assembly. That also assumes the I could rent a space relatively cheap.

                The issue is that the market is flooded with brands in the "budget" categories (under $2k) and the market share of the higher end genre is too small to make any serious coin through any amount of volume.

                I tend to do custom jobs every so often to keep my ambition at bay. I have a spot of the market cornered though should I decide to jump in at some point but that is my secret.


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                  Anyone coming here anymore? Still would be nice to see a map so we know where we are in conjunction with each other.

                  I'd occasionally be free to make a trip within reasonable distance and help another member with his project or just see what he's up to.

                  I agree with anunaki regards actually starting something serious. The more I looked into it I realized sooner or later an Attorney would have to be involved as well. There go the profits.

                  Also approached some guys about a DIY Co-op a few years back but couldn't get that to fly either.

                  1st post here in over a year.


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                    I had big hopes when Badger Builders started.Why is nothinh happening guys?


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