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    With strong attendance and a number of key contributors to the hobby, I figured we could have our own group.

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    Not a lot of activity in this one, eh....
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      We need to do something about that! How about adding a pic or two, Ben?


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        Anyone know when registration will be open for this event?


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          Did my first Iowa DIY show, 2010. What a great time!!! Great people and great speakers. Gotta get ready for next year's show; need to build a speaker to take with me. Hmmmm!?
          Thanks Doug, for hosting this. You and your family did a great job for all of us. Thanks all for the hospitality and warm welcome. We should all go camping sometime...or not.
          Seriously though, thanks to all for a great time.
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          Iowa-DIY Patrons

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          A group for the attendees of the Iowa DIY events.
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