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  • Heya, Mr. Schumacher
    I posted on the Tech talk site a few days ago. The short of it is I ordered speaker components for the left, right and center channels for a modest home theater set-up in my basement. Actually, a friend picked out the components, I just remodeled the room. I have no idea how to make speakers,... my friend was supposed to help me with dimensions for the boxes. He got a job out of state and I now have 600 dollars of stuff in my basement. I posted what I have, and guys pointed me out to your website. You used the smae Dayton DA175-8 7" speakers in another project. In fact, looking at your website, it looks like my basement in your projector photos.
    Joe had intended a woofer tweeter woofer woofer speaker config., so I have 3 woofers per left and right speakers, and 2 woofers and a tweeter for the center channel. The tweeter that I have is the vifa D25AG35-06, one for each speaker. The speakers you made basically look just like the ones I'd like to make. Heck, I'll order another two 7"s to duplicate yours, if you don't mind! Do you like the vifa tweeter that I have? What config. should I use for the center channel? I have an Onkyo 805
    7.1 receiver. I planned on getting the Titanic 15" sub kit and some ceiling speakers to round out the set-up. I have 5 months to figure this all out, I'm playing Mr. Mom while my wife works on assignment in Kansas City, Mo. for G.M. I'm about 900 mile from my mdf and tools. I've had these components since Nov., and my wife may sacrifice me during the winter solstace, so any help would be appreciated. Oh, and Joe had me order the PE 3way xo and their 2 way xo. Those won't work, right?

    Thanks for any help you can give,
    Ed Rosenquist
    [email protected]
    The Past is history. The Future is a mystery. Today is a gift; that's why its called the Present. (Grand Master Oogway, Kung Fu Panda)