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  • Hello, Dennis.

    My name is Pete Carter and my handle on this board is Olddude50. By way of background, I have modified two of the Insignia speakers with your crossover design. I gave both of them away as graduation presents. I think that design is great and I recommend it as a first time project to people to help them hear what can be done with cheap drivers and a correct crossover. I will undoubtably build some more of those in the future, when some of my friends children graduate.

    To the point. Parts Express had a Deal of the Day, a short time ago on the Usher 8945A drivers. It has been a goal of mine for a long time to build a high value bookshelf speaker with Usher drivers. I remembered your site and looked for the Usher two way you had posted. I am unsure about two things.

    First, you posted a crossover for the 8945 that contoured the output to get rid of a hump in the 900 hz region. However, I am unsure if that is meant for both the 8945A and the 8945P or just one of them, or which one? I am confused because I know the 8945P has a slightly worse frequency response, but has less harmonic distortion than the 8945A, so I am confused as to whether to use your crossover with the 8945A.

    Second, in the sale flyer for Parts Express, the Usher 9950C-15 is on sale. Your design used a T-9950. Are these the same?

    Thanks for any help you can give me. I hope to hear from you soon.


    Pete Carter