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  • Hey Paul. What is up with your Lakers? Maybe this first meeting in the playoffs of Kobe vs. Dirk is worth noting. Dirk was murderous behind the arc (as was the rest of the Mavs team) in game 3. My boys in green are just looking rough as 60 grit. It's like they have no cohesion and forgot they know how to play the game. Rondo doesn't need to be playing the rest of the season. Courageous one-arm attempt but it's just gonna be a hindrance in the rest of the series. The Heat will just force him left if he has the ball on offense but he seems to be thinking that he'll be fine on D. I don't think so but the guy is one amazing player. The Celts needed him to make this run but now, it's just looking like an even-more-uphill battle. My e-mail is labradork AT me DOT com.

    My favorite woofer is a Labrador retriever.